My Services

Psychic/Mediumship Readings

A Psychic Sitting with me will be a most relaxing and positive experience and will provide an opportunity for you to hear from your loved ones and family. It can be enormously helpful in reducing the pain of that earthly loss and in helping people to come to terms with their grief.

Much strength can be gained from knowing that our loved ones have not left us for good; we can still be in contact with them and that we will, one day, see them again. It is a great gift to realise that they can pass messages to us through a channel such as myself.

The time spent with me is just like speaking to a long time family friend. Although it cannot always be determined who will come to communicate from Spirit, we can be sure that the messages will be pertinent for that person (or another close family member) at that particular time.


Many people come to me looking for messages and guidance from departed loved ones in Spirit. Spirit Guides may also come forward to steer them towards their future pathway. Time and time again we see how this can provide insight and guidance in our daily lives.

Sometimes we may need guidance concerning our relationships with others. In addition, important and challenging decisions may have to be made concerning our home or working lives. This is where a session with I will provide insight during challenging times in our lives.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Are you ready for a change in your life? Do you feel your soul is not feeling fulfilled? Do you feel like there is more in life than what you have been currently experiencing?

I work using my intuitive abilities to tap into your soul essence to determine what your soul craves for you in order to have a fulfilling life. Whether it be to achieve more fulfilling relationships in your life, to discover your true path in life, learning to improve your overall manifestation skills or learning to really enjoy and design the life you would like to live.

I use my Intuitive gifts when working with you and I also share relevant information that my Guides may have to pass onto you to help you move forward with your life in areas that will bring you inner joy and satisfaction to assist you in being the greatest aspect of yourself.

4 x 90 minute sessions with me costs £1500

Becoming a Psychic/Medium

We are all born psychic but it is our responsibility to develop our natural intuitive abilities ourselves. Have you ever wondered how you can develop or take your psychic/mediumship skills to the next level? Whether you are a complete beginner in this area or whether you are intent on becoming a professional to use your gifts to help others with their lives and to bring them joy and happiness.

I work with you to assess your natural gifts and to gently guide you to further develop them. I cater to complete beginners, intermediate and also working professionals who may like to fine tune their already working skillsets. I akin our bodies to a musical instrument in that there is always something more to learn, to fine tune and to enjoy sharing with others.

Sound Healing

“Sound is the medicine of the future.” Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945). Sound as with other vibrational healing systems works with our body in such an effective way to bring the body back into balance.

A session consists of a consultation followed by you being asked to lie on the treatment couch (fully clothed) where you will be asked to close your eyes and relax. Tuning forks will then be used to activate the chakras and work on specific areas that require any additional healing. Singing bowls and pipes may also be used during the treatment. Sensations such as tingling (energy moving through the body) & temperature changes can sometimes be felt, as with crying –  the release of the emotions or nothing at all – everyone is different

Each treatment is bespoke for the person at that time.

Sound Healing as with other holistic modalities is to be used alongside conventional medicine and not used as a substitute.

The ebbs and flows of being a well-rounded psychic medium.

Learn from my experience as a professional psychic medium how to enhance and empower your skills and ways of working with clients.