Hello, welcome to my blog on Spiritual Awakening. More and more people are starting to question their purpose and looking for something more meaningful in life outside of material gain. These can be signs that Spiritual Awakening has started. Below are my top signs that can indicate you are becoming more spiritually aware.

You no longer feel that your current job is satisfying your soul. You may be good at your job but perhaps it is time to let go and allow someone else who can stand in your current position and for you to move on and listen more to your heart. What desires would you like to fulfill regarding work? We all need to earn money to survive so this is not about giving up your job and then regretting your decision. This is about listening to your heart and discovering for yourself which direction you would like to move into and to follow your own unique gifts.

  1. You may find that your current social life is not as fulfilling as it used to be. Some friends may stay and others may not. Your vibration may be outgrowing some people in which case it is best to learn to let go. We do not need to feel frustrated with people who do not see or align themselves with our spiritual journey in life.
  2. Your diet may be changing in various ways. Some foods may no longer agree with you such as gluten, dairy, sugar or any other food group. In this case it is best to listen to your body and to see how you feel after eating certain food groups. Food that you may love to eat may no longer sustain you in energy and sustenance thus leaving you feeling tired, lethargic or bloated. Perhaps your body no longer needs to eat red meat or less of it during the week.
  3. You may start gravitating to read spiritual books, motivational books and/or attend spiritual classes to help you develop on your path to develop new skills. Along your journey you may discover that you feel drawn in helping people using your new found spiritual gifts such as a healing modality i.e. reiki or becoming a life coach etc.
  4. Commencing a practice of meditation, yoga, or tai chi etc may now be an important part of you life, which leaves you feeling more connected to your body and your spiritual body. Along the way of your practice you may start noticing that you are becoming sensitive to people’s vibrations and to your environment thus wishing to either no longer remain in that environment and/or to make changes in your choices of where you like to hang out.