Welcome to my blog to provide some guidance on listening to your inner voice…

I have written about this as I believe it is our natural innate Sat Nav system, to guide us on our life path and yet few of us neither listen nor trust it.  We can therefore head in a free will direction, although this may teach us lessons, listening to our inner voice will provide us with the best route for our highest good.



Many people ask me during my sessions with them on how to recognize their inner voice and/or how does it sound like. I used to wonder this myself in my early days of my spiritual journey. People used to tell me to follow or to listen to my inner voice. Of course in those days I would wait to see if could hear a voice talking to me as one does when communicating to a friend etc.

I have since learnt that our inner voice is very subtle. It can be in the form of a feeling that you feel that you need to follow. Your inner voice can be a repeating voice or thought that you hear in your mind.

For example, many times I will hear my inner voice as thoughts and feelings. So I may be guided to go to a bookstore to look at a certain section or I may be guided to research something on the Internet. As I listen and follow my inner voice, it always leads me to new discoveries, which end up benefiting my needs of that time.

Practicing meditation, yoga, tai chi etc will help you to be more sensitive in hearing and feeling your inner voice. We all have free will so it is up to us to follow and listen to our inner voices. Like learning to play an instrument, your body is like an instrument in that it takes time, patience and practice to learn to work with it in ways we have not been trained in our upbringing. Our inner voice is always there to assist us but it is up to us to develop the skills to learn to listen to it and to learn to reap the benefits of our inner voices.